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Information on visitor numbers
and stall results
We collect three basic sets of information at the market:
  • the number of stallholders each market,
  • the number of visitors, and
  • a score based on the self-reported stallholder result for the day.
The count of vendors is useful as a proxy for market success because, to a certain extent, a more successful market will attract more stalls and more stalls will to a certain extent attract more customers.  While this also has some limitations the vendor count remains one of our most accurate and easily collected numbers and so we make what use of it we can. 
In the charts below, we focus on visitor numbers and the stallholder results for various years. Both these statistics have limitations - the count of visitors is an estimate only and the stallholder score is self-reported by each stallholder. However, both have value as explained in the charts and text below. In future posts we will look at some other trends.
September 2020
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