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Market dates 
23rd November
7th December Twilight Market and Carols
14th December
21st December Twilight Music Market
11th and 25th January
  8th and 22nd February
14th and 28th March
11th and 25th April
  9th and 23rd May
13th and 27th June
11th and 25th July 
  8th and 22nd August
12th and 26th September
24th October
14th and 28th November
  5th December Twilight market and Carols
12th December
  • To provide and support a viable and self-sufficient market that provides fresh produce and local handicrafts, art work and quality goods to the Murrumbateman community.


  • To provide an opportunity for local and regional suppliers of goods and services, hobby farmers, community and home gardeners, associated artisan producers and local community groups to come together to sell their wares and provide information in a community environment.


  • To contribute to the economic, social and health capital of the Murrumbateman community.


  • To ensure the reason for the existence of the market is maintained and we continue to meet our approval guidelines from the Council.


Scouts logo for Murrumbateman Market

Murrumbateman Village Market supports Murrumbateman Scouts Group.

Part of all our stall fees go to support Murrumbateman Scouts projects



Contact us:


Every 2nd and 4th Saturday 

Recreation Grounds, Murrumbateman

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