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Market Rules

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Stallholder Information


Click here to download application form as PDF or Word  

Food vendors: please refer to additional requirements below 

Market Venue

The MVM is held in the Village Green area of the Recreation Grounds in Murrumbateman.  The Village Green is the area contained within:

  • the bollards to the north,

  • the horse yards to the south,

  • the tennis court fence to the west and

  • the fence behind the weather shed to the east.

The MVM uses the shed in this area as a ‘food hall’ with extra stalls adjacent in the Village Green including under the shade of the oak trees.


Market Timing

Times for the MVM are 9am till 1pm each second and fourth Saturday of the month.

Exceptions to this schedule, when the MVM will not be held, are:


  • the Saturday before the Murrumbateman Field Days – generally the second Saturday of October, and

  • Christmas period – the fourth Saturday of December.

In addition, from time to time a Twilight market is scheduled and there is usually a market on the first Saturday evening of December to coincide with Christmas Carols. Both markets are on from 4.30 to 8pm. See the Market Dates tab on this website


Please note the market is always on rain, hail or shine.


Products and Services Sought For the MVM

In order to satisfy its charter, the MVM Committee is concerned to maintain a high quality of goods offered for sale at the market and encourages the following types of products and services from local residents, producers and businesses:


  • produce that is farmed, grown, cooked or made locally,

  • fresh and packaged food items,

  • fine art and craft,

  • antiques,

  • homewares,

  • live animals and their products,

  • plants,

  • jewellery,

  • second-hand goods,

  • charity fundraiser sausage sizzles, and

  • Other goods of a similar nature as determined by the MVM Committee. 


Examples of the stalls which the MVM Committee has endorsed for regular attendance are as follows:

  • bread, fruit, vegetables, eggs, beef, wine, jams, chutney, honey, chillies, and tea

  • breads, rolls, savoury pastries, cakes and sweets

  • native plants, garden plants, fruit trees, succulents and shrubs

  • live animals (alpacas, chickens and sheep) and their products

  • pottery, hand sewn quilts, cushions, handmade bags, horseshoe art,

  • rustic metal and woodwork, garden ornaments and furniture,

  • second-hand book stall,

  • Home garden produce from Murrumbateman gardens,

  • Information stalls, and

  • a Community stall for the sale and swap of community-generated produce, including the Harvest Swap outlet.


Products and Services Not Sought For the MVM

The charter of the MVM emphasises the community nature of our market and the opportunity it provides for local and regional suppliers of goods and services, hobby farmers, community and home gardeners, associated artisan producers and local community groups.


In keeping with its charter the Committee discourages products or services of the following types:

  • new product that has no value added to them by stallholders or local suppliers,

  • products sourced from another State or overseas and sold as is,

  • commercial franchise products that clearly conflicts with products on offer by local businesses and the sprit of the market as outlined in the charter, and

  • the on-selling of third party products, unless those products do not compete with existing stallholders.


These products may be allowed at the discretion of the Committee with consideration given to the range of products already available at the market.


The Community Stall

The MVM Committee holds a community stall at each market to provide local residents with the opportunity to sell their excess home-grown produce from time to time.   


People offering home-grown produce for sale at the Community Stall are encouraged to attend the stall for the purpose of selling their produce. The MVM Committee keeps 20% of the total price of sold produce at the Community Stall which will be used for the community in the same manner as normal stall fees. Information on the Community Stall is available here.


Themed Markets


At special times of the year the MVM may have themed markets. There will be secondhand/car boot sales offerings every quarter as part of our normal market on the first market of February, May, August and November each year. Other themes could include Christmas, Australia Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and others as determined by the MVM Committee.


The Market Committee

The Murrumbateman Village Market is managed by a group of local volunteers under the banner of the Murrumbateman Village Market Committee (the MVM Committee).  

The MVM Committee is itself a subcommittee of, and therefore governed by, the Murrumbateman Community Association (MCA).  Revenue generated by the MVM, mainly stallholder fees, is returned to the MCA for use in its community activities. 

The purpose of the MVM Committee is to conduct the markets in accordance with the MVM charter to the benefit of the community.  As such, the committee needs to maintain a balance between the variety of goods on offer, the interests of market stallholders (particularly those attending regularly) and the growth of the market.  The committee endeavours to keep that balance even at all times.


To that end, the MVM Committee reserves the right to make decisions and arrangements in relation to the following operational aspects of the MVM:

  • approval for the stallholder to attend an upcoming market, including the approval of product range

  • allocating the stall location within the market precinct,

  • arranging access to power for the stallholder’s site,

  • determining the degree of shelter available to the site, and

  • ensuring ease of access to the stallholder’s site. 


The MVM Committee consists of local community members and small business owners.  Their time and expertise is volunteered to the Murrumbateman Village Market. 


Roles in the MVMCommittee are:

  • Chairman

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Stallholder Manager

  • Market Manager

  • Market Coordinator

  • Stallholder Representatives


The MVM Committee has an executive responsible for most routine decision making, consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and the Market Manager. 



If you would like to become a stallholder at the Murrumbateman Village Market, you must read and agree to the market rules.  Your signature on the MVM Application Form (available on the website) constitutes your agreement to these rules, and will be effective once the signed form is received by the MVM Committee.


Enquiries - contact the Stallholder Manager by email at For more information see Stall Bookings and the Stallholder Application form


Your application form must be received by the MVM Committee by close of business the Thursday before your first attendance at the market.  To ensure this happens it is recommended that you download stallholder application form at this link, then print, complete, sign and scan/email or print/snailmail your completed application form to the MVM Committee in plenty of time.

If the form is not received by this time you may find that your requirements for site location, access, shelter or power cannot be met on the day. 


All applications are assessed by the MVM Committee taking into account the size of the market, the quality of the offered goods and the type, range and variety of existing stallholder products.  New stallholders may be interviewed by the committee to ensure they meet the requirements for the type of stall proposed.


To ensure a suitable balance of diversity for customers and market share for vendors, products and stall types will be limited at the discretion of the MVM Committee.


Market rules

To be part of the Murrumbateman Village Market, stallholders must read and agree to the market rules as outlined below. 


Requirements of Stallholders


Stallholders attending the MVM are required to:


  • Abide by the legal and insurance requirements listed below.

  • If selling food products abide by the requirements of the Food Authority NSW and Yass Valley Council (see the section on Stallholder Selling Food Products below for details)

  • Maintain the quality of their site and produce in accordance with the quality requirements listed below.

  • Apply for and be accepted by the MVM Committee before first attendance, as described in Becoming a Stallholder at MVM.

  • Book for each attendance as described below.

  • Abide by directions from MVM Committee members before or during a market, as described below.


Stallholder Legal Requirements

Stall holders must:


  • Comply with appropriate labelling regulations.

  • Acquire any necessary licenses (e.g., for food sales the Food Standards Code and the Food Act 2003 (NSW), wine sales, etc.) or permits for selling or producing their products, or permits such as Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) check (see section on WWVP below)

  • Give copies of these licenses to the Stallholder Manager with the market application prior to selling at the MVM. 

  • Weigh all measurable goods on site on certified scales as required under the Weights & Measures act.


Stallholders should:


  • Have a sign displaying their business name whilst trading at the MVM.

  • Advise changes to their licensing requirements to the Stallholder Manager prior to a subsequent market.


Stallholder Insurance Requirements

Stallholders shall:


  • Accept all liability arising from their operations, equipment, and personnel, including the actions of their deliverer, employees or agents at the Site during the MVM (including setting up and removing their equipment and operation).

  • Be responsible for their own insurance against any loss or damage occurring at the Site, including consequential losses through being unable to fully operate, regardless of the cause. 

  • Indemnify Yass Valley Council, the MPA and MVM and its personnel from and against all claims, demands, remedies, suits, injuries, damage, losses, costs (including its full legal costs), liabilities, actions, claims for compensation and the like for which Council, MPA and MVM and its personnel may become liable in conjunction with injury, damage or accidental death through the neglect or default of the Stallholder or of any other person in connection with their use of the Site and its facilities.

  • Have effective for the period of any market they participate in as a vendor the following policies indemnifying the Council, the MPA, the MVM and their personnel:

    • a Public Liability Insurance policy for not less than ten million dollars ($10,000,000), and

    • a Product Liability insurance policy for not less than ten million dollars ($10,000,000). 

  • Provide a copy of a valid certificate of currency of these insurance policies at the time of application to the market


Stallholders shall not:


  • Set up or trade without current insurance cover.  


One option for obtaining insurance is to purchase your own policy from an insurance company.  The MVM does not encourage or recommend any one company.  However, we provide for information, a link to the AAMI website who offer a market stall and exhibitor insurance policy for 3, 6 or 12 months, the cost of which can be checked at ....


Other insurance companies offer similar products.


Insurance via Murrumbateman Community Association (MCA) 

The MCA is able to provide temporary cover for the duration of one market via their insurer, Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS). The cost is $12.50 per market.


However, please note the following in relation to this insurance:

  • All commercial businesses must have own cover as LCIS cannot provide cover to businesses.

  • This policy does not cover claims arising from the use by buskers of knives, swords (including theatrical knives and swords) or any activity involving the use of fire.

  • Cover cannot be provided for stallholders selling a large range of the following services/products - as listed here

Stallholder selling Food products (including charities and mobile food vendors)

Businesses that sell food at temporary events such as fairs, festivals, markets and shows are considered retail food businesses as they sell food to the public, and need to meet a range of requirements. A person handling or selling food or operating stalls used for selling food for human consumption, including drinks, produce, fruit and vegetables or pre-packaged food, is deemed to be a ‘food business’. This includes not-for-profit operations.


The Food Act 2003 requires all food handling businesses in NSW to “notify” their details to the NSW Food Authority. This is also a requirement for persons running food stalls at temporary events like markets.

Please refer to the following NSW Food Authority link........

This publication, Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events, outlines in some detail the important factors all food businesses (including charities and community groups) need to adhere to when selling at the market. This is includes requirements for handling food, the construction of the actual stall, labelling etc.  Please refer to the guidelines here.......


There are also particular requirements around the sale of eggs. Please refer to

You also need to notify the local council of your business and food activity details. You can contact Yass Council on 6226 1477 or notify the Council via the form 187 on the Yass Council website   The current Form 187 is attached here.

The details of Council's food safety requirements can be found at


Charities and community groups selling food. The Food Act 2003 (NSW) and Food Standards Code apply to all food businesses including those selling food for charity or community purposes. It is always an offence to sell food that is unsafe or unsuitable. Charities and community groups are exempt from some requirements, for example, notification of food business is not required if food sold is not potentially hazardous (e.g. scones) or is to be consumed immediately after thorough cooking (e.g. sausage sizzle).


For full details refer again to the guidelines already mentioned above


Mobile food vendors are considered retail food businesses as they sell food to the public and need to comply with a range of requirements. Please refer to the requirements for mobile food vendors on the NSW Food Authority website at


Mobile food vending vehicles may need to appoint a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) if the food they prepare and serve is:

  • ready-to-eat

  • potentially hazardous ie. needs temperature control

  • is not sold and served in the supplier's original package.


Stallholder Quality Requirements


Stallholders are expected to:


  • Maintain a high standard of freshness and quality in their produce and merchandise.

  • Maintain a clean and tidy site area at all times.  

  • Remove rubbish or leftovers from their allotted stall space at the conclusion of the market. 

    • Note that there are limited rubbish bins on site and stallholders should have their own means of removing rubbish. 

    • The market committee staff will ensure that the common areas outside stalls are tidied, and stallholder cooperation to that end would be appreciated.

  • Have their stall properly staffed by a competent person during operating hours.

    • If exceptional circumstances occur such that a stall cannot remain manned, contact a committee member for assistance.


Expectations of an MVM Stallholder


The MVM Committee reserves the right to monitor product quality during a market to ensure that quality and product profile requirements are being met.

Stallholders are required to inform the MVM Committee in writing of any change or addition to their product profile.  Changes will be assessed on the extent to which they are compatible with intent of the charter and market share profiles.


A failure on the part of a stallholder to:


  • maintain a tidy stall environment,

  • maintain the quality of their produce or merchandise,

  • maintain the approved product profile,

  • maintain the family friendly atmosphere of the market,

  • comply with committee directions about operation of their stall, or

  • not show without a cancellation;

will make the stallholder subject to adverse consideration by the MVM Committee, ranging from impacts on future stall availability through to immediate expulsion.


Animal Welfare


The MVM committee expects any stallholder selling or displaying animals to adhere to the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Animal Welfare Code - Animals in Pet Shops and reserves the right to monitor any such stall to ensure those requirements are met. The definition of 'Pet Shops' also refers to 'markets'. The link provides a direct download to the pdf document.

Here is the link to our Animal Welfare policy in full

Working with Vulnerable people (WWVP)


The Working with Vulnerable People Check is a requirement for anyone working with:

  • Persons under 18 - a child under the law

  • Persons above the age of 18 years who may not be able to protect themselves against harm due to any physical harm, age, illness, trauma or disability and other reasons.

The laws in each State that guide working with vulnerable people vary in each State and Territory. There is no single National check for WWVP, it is only valid in the State or Territory in which you apply for it. They are not transferable between States.  

Consequently, any stallholder working with vulnerable people at our market is required to hold a current WWVP check for NSW which is valid for 5 years. The WWVP requirements across Australia and the specific requirements for NSW can be found here. 

Market Operations


Stall Fees

There are two rates applicable - one for established stallholders and a higher rate for new stallholders. 

Once a new stallholders has attended for 6 markets the rate for their site reverts to the rate for established stallholders. Please note the additional charges applicable for extra sites as listed in the table below.

Sites outside (Village Green)

Square 3m x 3m     

  $30 (established stallholders)

  $40 (new stallholders **)

Each extra site  $15

Extra extra half site  $ 7.50

Shed sites

Standard table (1830mm x 760mm)

   $30 (established stallholders)

   $40 (new stallholders **)

Each extra site $15

Each extra half site $7.50

Community NFP organisations ...Free


** New stallholders pay higher rate for 6 markets then revert to the established rate


All stallholders are required to pay for stalls by electronic funds transfer before each market. Invoices will be issued by email to stallholders at the beginning of each market week based on the initial market layout. The invoice will include all payment instructions. Stallholders who advise prior to the market that they are not attending, will have their invoices cancelled. If you find you are unable to attend a market after you have paid, funds will be held over to the next market you attend.

If you have any concerns, or don't have access to internet banking, please discuss with the Treasurer.


For direct deposit the details are:

Account Name: Murrumbateman Progress Association or MPA

BSB: 032 771
Account No: 211 013
Bank: Westpac

Requirements for paying by EFT as follows:

  • Payments to be made by COB Wednesday prior to market at the latest

  • Identify stall name in Description

  • Email EFT receipt to

  • Stall bookings for multiple markets can be paid. Please list which markets the bookings are for when emailing EFT receipt. If you do not have your own insurance please include $12.50 for each market.

  • Receipts will be emailed for all EFT payments.

  • Cancellations are to be notified no later than COB Friday prior to the market. Your stall fee can then be transferred to a future market. 

Fees include GST per site per market.


Stallholders requiring insurance please refer to details on Insurance in the section above


Stall Bookings

Stallholders intending to attend an upcoming market are required to notify their intending attendance to the Stallholder Manager by 4pm on the Thursday prior to the market.  The Stallholder Manager can be contacted by email:


Where a productive and harmonious relationship exists, stallholders can expect automatic approval for their attendance.  If there has been recent or chronic friction, stallholders should await a specific approval for attendance to avoid disappointment on the day. 


Where stallholders make bookings as requested, the Market Committee undertakes to ensure that known stallholder requirements for location, access, power and shelter are maximised, given the overall set of requirements from all stallholders. 


Bookings can be cancelled without detriment up to 4PM on the Thursday prior to the market. 


Cancellations after this time or no-shows without cancellations result in an administrative overhead for the Market Committee for the resultant market, and could result in vendor requirements not being fully satisfied in subsequent markets.


Stall Assignment

The location of all stalls is at the direction of the market manager.  The market manager will take into account the layout of the grounds and vendor’s requirements for space, shelter, power and access, when the attendance of the vendor is notified as per Bookings above.  General principles applying to stall assignment are:


  • Stall spaces will be pre-assigned for each market to keep an organised look and feel to the market layout. 

  • Established stallholders will be given first priority such that they, and the attending public, can expect the same location for each market.

  • Where there are overlapping requirements between stallholders, preference will be accorded on a first booked, first served basis. 


In general, a new stall assignment (layout) plan will be generated for each market, based on the notifications for attendance received by the Stallholder Manager by 4PM the preceding Thursday.  The plan will be kept by the Market Manager and will be available on market days.


The MVM reserves the right at any time to alter the size, shape and position of layout plans as may be necessary for the best interests, risk management and legal requirements of the market.


Stall Timing


Stall holders are required to have their sites set up and goods ready for sale from 8:45am, for the market opening times of 9am to 1pm.

Stalls cannot be dismantled until 1pm, unless:

  • The vendors goods are sold out, or

  • Unforeseen, exceptional events occur.


In either case, contact a MVM Committee member for endorsement and assistance. 

Please note that the market is always on rain, hail or shine!


Stall Access

Stall holder access to the site is from 7:30am.  Any site inhabited before that time may be moved if it contradicts the intent of that day’s layout plan. 


Stallholders are allowed to bring their vehicles to the nearest road access point to their allocated stall position in order to unload and set up their stalls prior to the market, and to put away their stalls after the market.   All vehicles (noting several specific, approved exemptions) are to be removed from the precinct of the markets during market operations, as described below. 


All Stall holders must take great care with their vehicles while driving, unloading and reloading equipment and produce around the market to avoid creating a hazard to pedestrians.


Vehicles are NOT ALLOWED within the grass area of the Village Green. This is a condition of the Recreation Grounds Committee, primarily to protect the Oak trees and the grass in the area.


Stall holders setting up sites under the Oak trees may access this area via Drumlog Drive (the circular road around the oval), and park next to the bollards to unload equipment and produce and to set up their sites.  Unless the Market Committee has authorised a specific exception, after unloading and setup all vehicles must be removed from the area except before the initiation of the markets.  The part of Drumlog Drive adjacent to the markets will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the market. 


Stall holders setting up sites within the food shed can park their vehicles on the paddock (Eastern) side of the food hall, leaving space for pedestrian traffic immediately outside of the shed roller door.  Stallholder access to the shed is on foot via the roller door, so Stallholders should consider having materials moving equipment (eg a wheeled trolley) to suit.  Stallholders must not bring their vehicles into the food hall because of the hazard to pedestrians in the confined space and shaded lighting of the shed. 


Stall holders setting up on the Telegraph Poles (southern) side of the Village Green may access their sites by parking their vehicles alongside the poles for unloading and setup, but must remove their vehicles from the roadway before 09:00, because that roadway is a designated emergency access route. 


All vehicles except those with a specific exemption granted by the MVM Committee should be removed from the market precinct before 08:45 to allow the committee to complete the road closures before the start of the markets at 09:00.


Stall holders should park their vehicles behind the food shed so as to leave the visiting public maximum access to closer, shaded parking for the duration of the market. 


No vehicle access will be allowed before 1pm unless exceptional circumstances apply. 


Stallholder Compliance with Directions


The Stall holder agrees that they will comply with any reasonable request from the Market Manager, including but not limited to:

  • Locating their site in accordance with the layout plan for that market

    • Note that in order to maximise the satisfaction of all stallholders requirements, site location may vary from market to market. 

  • Ceasing the sale of their goods where the Market Manager considers:

    • The goods are not of an acceptable standard under the ANZFA food safety regulations.

    • The site is unsafe.

    • The goods are not compliant with the scope of goods agreed by the committee

  • Rectifying any site issue as directed to maintain public safety, site cleanliness and Council requirements.


Stallholder Behaviour

The Market Committee desires a culture of support and cooperation between stall holders of the MVM because such a culture contributes to a friendly ambience for the market as a whole.  Inappropriate language, behaviour, music or lighting, profanity, noise or other harassment or abuse by a vendor or participant toward another vendor, participant, committee member, market volunteer or customer of the Market is grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the Market.


Stallholder Grievances

Any grievance on the part of one stallholder regarding the behaviour or produce of another stallholder should not be directed to the other stallholder directly during the market, but should instead be reported to the Market Manager.  In conjunction with the Market Committee members available at the time, the Market Manager will advise an interim solution for the duration of the current market, allowing the issue to be addressed to the extent necessary before the next market. 



A failure on the part of a stallholder to comply with the requirements above will require the Market Committee to consider its relationship with the stallholder, with effects ranging across the following spectrum:

  • Requiring the stallholder to relocate to a different site within a current market.

  • Assigning a lower priority for the stallholder’s requirements for access, shelter, power, product range and/or location for an upcoming market.

  • Requiring the stall holder to immediately leave a current market.

  • Withholding of approval for the stallholder to attend subsequent markets.  



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