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Performing at the Murrumbateman Village Market
Performance at the MVMarket is available on the 12 x 6 metre, powered and covered concrete stage at the Murrumbateman Village Green.
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We encourage performance of any type which is suitable to the venue. Live music is most common but we have also had dancers, poets, choirs, lectures and political speeches.

All performance at the MVM needs to be family friendly and all performers are expected to behave respectfully towards, not only the Market attendees (i.e. the ‘audience’), but also to other performers.  Be mindful that the 'audience' are, for the most part, there to shop at the Market stalls and not to attend a gig.  Typically there are between 100 and 200 attendees within earshot of the stage for the duration of the Market.

The Schedule


All performances are scheduled and the schedule is mastered by the MVM Stage Director.  Each act is usually limited to one set and there are usually 4 sets per Market - starting on the hour and running for 45 minutes each, i.e. 9am, 10am, 11am and 12 noon.  Very occasionally we might have shorter sets if performers prefer a shorter set or if we want to fit more than 4 acts into the schedule but this is rare.  If a market is short of acts then one or more acts may run for longer or have multiple sets.  We tend to stick more strictly to the schedule when there are more acts and less strictly when there are less.

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Stage Space

Performing acts usually get 5 x 4 metres of stage space to setup and perform in.  Larger performance space is possible – up to 10 x 4 metres if required - however this may reduce set duration if the schedule is tight.



Use Our PA System

We have a PA system which we use for every act.  Performers can use their own amplification for stage volume but we prefer to run all FOH level sound through our PA to ensure a consistent and commerce-compatible sound scape throughout the Market.  For this reason we also don't allow performers/buskers or even canned music anywhere else at the Market - all live or amplified sound at the Market happens on the stage only, through one PA, via one schedule.  The PA system includes foldback and we can amplify acoustic instruments - eg drums - if required.

Bring Your Own Gear

We expect all acts to bring whatever gear they need to conduct their performance - including instruments, amplifiers, power leads, media devices, chairs, props etc.  We prefer acts BYO vocal microphones but we do have some microphones and mic stands which can be used for this purpose if needed.  The Market does have some chairs but these are primarily provided for attendees not stage use.


Marketing and Merch

We do allow performers to promote themselves. Promotional material may be displayed from the stage during an act’s set and merchandise (e.g. CDs, T-shirts etc) can be sold at the Market.  This can either be done via the Community Stall which will always be located in the centre of the market, close to the stage or via a separate stall dedicated to you at the market.  If sales are through the Community Stall then either market staff or your own associates could sell the merch.  If you have your own market stall then your own associates would have to man that and you would be charged a standard stall fee ($20) and - if you could not show stall insurance of your own - stall insurance ($12.50). The stage is not to be used as a stall.


We don't usually pay performers - although exceptions may apply on special occasions - e.g. Christmas or Halloween markets - but we do have a transparent donation box with signage which encourages market attendees to donate to stage performers. 

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Timing and Setup

Performers are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of their set.  We do allow 15 minutes of setup/packup time between acts, and, given that the stage space is generous we usually allow acts to both setup while a preceding act is still performing or packup while the following act is performing - if needed.

Communications and Bookings

A mailing list of known performers is maintained by the Stage Director and at the start of each week leading up to a Market an email is sent to that list inviting performers to the upcoming Market. It is then usually first in best dressed as to who gets to play and when. Priority is also usually given to newcomers but competition for sets is rare.

Later in the week - or as soon as the schedule is full - a follow up email is sent with the proposed schedule for the Sat morning.  As long as there are no issues this becomes the schedule for the day.

We do accept 'bookings' for sets on future market dates if preferred. 


Market dates and other market attendance info is available at the Market website at


Feel free to ask questions and/or get your email address on our Performer mailing list by contacting - 

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