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Community Stall Registration

1. The registration form is available here

2. To sell your goods you need to fill in the registration form and give it to the Stall Coordinator or his/her assistants at the stall on your first day at the market. Alternatively, you can email it to the market email address prior to the market. You only have to complete this form once.

3. Suppliers need to understand the conditions for involvement in the Community Stall herein

4. Showcase your goods. You can provide an A5 sign including a description of the goods and where the produce was grown and the growing method. If you wish to describe it as pesticide-free, certified organic, biodynamic etc. you may do so and you can provide a photo of your farm/garden etc if you wish to illustrate the sign.

5. List your goods by completing the Produce Sheet ​​or the Stall coordinator can provide a Produce Sheet by via the market email address below. See stall conditions for details of handling and presentation of goods.

6. If possible, please advise the Stall coordinator on the Wednesday prior to the market day of the produce you wish to provide.

7. The Stall Coordinator keeps track of all the produce supplied and sold and pays the supplier by cash less a commission of 20% of the sale price. At this stage, Murrumbateman Village Market (MVM) does not have banking facilities.

8. Produce can be donated to the MVM if desired.

9. Volunteering. The Stall is a Community facility and can only operate if supported by volunteers. Suppliers are encouraged to offer their services in order to spread the workload.

Stall Coordinator:  John Thorn
Email contact :

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